Useful links

Some philosophy blogs

It's Only a Theory is a group blog in philosophy of science, to which I sometimes contribute.
Aesthetics for Birds is a blog about philosophy of art, maintained by Christy Mag Uidhir.

Some philosophy departments

The University at Albany, SUNY philosophy department, where I am presently employed
The Bowdoin College philosophy department, where I had my first teaching gig
The UC San Diego philosophy department, where I did my graduate work
The TCU philosophy department, where I did my undergrad work

Some on-line publications

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Philosophers' Imprint

Survey of journal response times maintained by Andrew Cullison

Some LaTeX documentation

Cambridge LaTeX support, especially their guide to LaTeX math and graphics.
Sheldon Green's LaTeX help
The LaTeX Wikibook