Carving up the words 
I have just sent off the final manuscript for my book, Carving up the world: Scientific enquiry and natural kinds. It has been about a year since I completed the first complete draft of the book. I was under contract to deliver it by February, but it had reached a point where I just wanted it out of my hands.

UPDATE: Here's the picture that I mention in the comments.

Photo by Joost J. Bakker.

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to learning where exactly to carve the joints of nature... hopefully some 'How-To' diagrams will be included?

Also, how much did the eventual choice of title depend on the feedback you got on the earlier post asking about potential book titles?


There are several diagrams of the solar system in the book, plus several illustrations of anglerfish. And there will be ducks on the cover.

I had several voice conversations with people about the subtitle at about the same time as the earlier blog post. The ultimate decision was influenced by measures of both.

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