'Words are curious things' redux

Sun 23 Apr 2006 06:57 PM

Stijn writes a blog entry about the meaning of 'philosophy' and links to a sarcastic post that I wrote on the subject. I noticed the link, followed it back, saw that he quoted me, and wondered as to the context. Turning to Babelfish for a translation, I got the following:

If philosophy is the answer on the question what you study, the response is at the person asking the question generally of stupefaction. Followed by or "what is that for something?", or "what will do you with that?". In a joke this is as follows reflected: When I my grandmother answered told that I doctor in philosophy became, them: "terribly, but what kind of a sickness is philosophy actual?"

If people the word knows philosophy already, it is frequently in the meaning which is indicated by Van Dale online ones: relativising, contemplative. We have to that thank meaning probably to the philosophy of Epicurus and the sto´cijnen, with their philosophy as life wisdom.

Don't we don't have make urgently work of a more general term of what philosophy are? Or we must use the meaning also at academic level and, such as P.D. Magnus presents on its blog, our thesis conclude with the philosophical attitude:

"I mean, like, it sucks, basically, but it happened to me and I'm still alive."

Why, yes... all my base does belong to them. How nice of you to notice.