2008 in review

Wed 31 Dec 2008 12:44 PM

Here's the bullet-point summary of my blogging in 2008. In accord with tradition, I've taken the first sentence from the first post of every month; cf. 2006 and 2007.

I: Three items related to papers and publication...

II: Bridget and Janet both made note of Blogroll Amnesty Day.

III: Last week I received the student comment forms from my teaching last term.

IV: I gave my Saturday over to the UAlbany Grad Student Philosophy Conference, and I am glad I did.

V: Yesterday was the last day of class, and so it was time for the usual debriefing.

VI: I've posted a new draft of my paper on epistemic significance and natural curiousity.

VII: Not long ago, I wrote a short paper on musical performance.

VIII: At dinner several weeks ago, I mentioned that the word 'broad' to describe a woman originally referred to pregnant cows.

IX: I was recently advising undergraduates as they registered for classes.

X: There's been some blog reaction to my fibs in Wikipedia paper.

XI: [n/a]

XII: 'Existentialism' has been a bit of vexed jargon in the 20th century.

Blogging has been lighter this year, so much so that there were no posts in November whatsoever. Content, such as it is, is a mix of philosophical research (4 months), teaching (4 months), and random other stuff. Only one month begins with a post discussing the blog itself. The blog has been less self-absorbed, perhaps only because there has been less of itself for it be be absorbed in.