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While on sabbatical, I wrote a book about natural kinds. It's now been accepted for publication as one of the inaugural volumes of Palgrave's New Directions in the Philosophy of Science series.

I submitted it with the working title Carving up the world. Referees and editors all insist that it also needs a subtitle, something which makes explicit that it's a book about natural kinds. Several possibilities have been suggested.

Some of the suggestions seem unsatisfactory, but my sense of it has gone fuzzy. So I'm just going to list them and ask you, the reader, to either indicate your favorite or suggest an alternative. Keep in mind that the book is about natural kinds, my account is in some ways original but certainly not unprecedented, and most of the words are spent applying the account to examples.

1. Carving up the world: A New Conception of Natural Kinds

2. Carving up the world: An Essay on Natural Kinds

3. Carving up the world: A Study on Natural Kinds

4. Carving up the world: Hmm... uh... Natural Kinds

5. Carving up the world: Pragmatism, Realism, and Natural Kinds

6. Carving up the world: Pragmatism and Realism about Natural Kinds

7. Carving up the world: How science charts natural kinds

[Here's another one added after the first couple of comments.]

8. Carving up the world: Science and Natural Kinds

[And another.]

9. Carving up the world: Scientific Enquiry and Natural Kinds

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