It takes a village to write a book

Sat 04 Aug 2012 06:28 PM

My open access logic book, forall x, is going to be used this Fall for the first year logic course at Cambridge. I was contacted by a librarian there, who said that the course leader had edited a version especially for their course. So, she wanted to know, how should the book be listed and how should I be credited?

My reply, below the fold.

It depends on the scope of the changes, I think.

If there is no change to the content, then I should just be credited as the author. (Changes like this would include reformatting the book for A4 paper or changing the symbols for some of the logical operators.)

If there is added content, then perhaps the person who wrote the additional material should be listed alongside me as an author. (This is how Rob Loftis handles his "remix" of the book.)

If there is essentially a new book written which incorporates material from forall x, then some front page credit should still be given. (For example, David Witte Morris and Joy Morris wrote an abstract math textbook that includes some logic, repurposing sections of my book. I think they credit it as "incorporating material by P.D. Magnus".)

The bottom line is that any resolution which honestly acknowledges my contribution is fine with me.