UAlbany philosophy a'changing

Thu 16 May 2013 07:32 AM

My colleague Robert Meyers is retiring after long and distinguished service to the department. There was a retirement party for him yesterday, and Bonnie Steinbock had the idea to take a group shot of faculty and staff past and present.

From left to right: Ron McClamrock, Nate Powers, Brad Armour-Garb, Kristen Hessler, Rachel Cohon, Robert Meyers, Bonnie Steinbock, Joe Gould (who retired in 2000), Helen Somich (long-time department secretary who retired in 2005), Lisa Fuller, me, Jason D'Cruz.

Because the group shot was an impromptu thing, several people had already left. Present members of the faculty absent from the picture are Jon Mandle (who had gone already) and Bob Howell (who is in Moscow and attended the party via Skype).