2010 in review, with over three weeks to spare

Mon 06 Dec 2010 04:46 PM

It is now a tradition to write a capsule review of the calender year's blogging by taking the first sentence from the first post of every month; cf. 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Here it is for 2010.

I: Although there is not consensus about what would make a natural kind natural, most traditional views agree that naturalness is a monadic feature...

II: We often assess claims based on plausibility of style and content.

III: Several undergraduates have come to me recently asking about philosophy grad school.

IV: In my little study of Wikipedia, I initially stumbled on the difference between featured and regular articles.

V: Last week I released a new version of forall x: 1.28.

VI: My paper about the new induction has now appeared on the BJPS website.

VII: Stephen Hawking has been a great science popularizer.

VIII: Janet's blog Adventures in Ethics and Science has moved away from the professional blog collective Scienceblogs to the amateur collective Scientopia.

IX: In this post, I consider the game Puerto Rico as a counterexample to Bernard Suits' definition of game.

X: Being in Pittsburgh has been productive in many ways - although the initial surge of blogging, consisting mostly of meandering thoughts about Bernard Suits, has subsided.

XI: I leave tomorrow for the PSA in Montreal.

XII: A productive synergy of being a visiting fellow at the Center is that most of my social life consists of interacting with other fellows, and so philosophy gets done even in leisure time.

No patterns jump out at me. There is still some rumination on Wikipedia, but not as much as in some previous years. There is some amount of hemming and hawing about logistics, but some actual philosophy going on as well.